1. at all times; all the time and on every occasion

- I will always be there to help you

- always arrives on time

- there is always some pollution in the air

Similar word(s): ever

2. without variation or change, in every case

- he always arrives on time

Similar word(s): constantly, invariably

3. without interruption

Similar word(s): constantly, forever, incessantly, perpetually

4. at any time or in any event

- you can always resign if you don't like it

- you could always take a day off

5. forever; throughout all time

- we will always be friends

- I shall treasure it always

- I will always love you

Sentences with always as an adverb:

- God is always the same.

- Our first dog always barked at passers-by.

- I thought I could always go back to work.