Words that Start with X


Words that Start with X

This section will provide you with more information on the words that start with X.

Interesting notes about the letter X:

  • The letter X is the twenty-fourth letter of the English alphabet.
  • It is a consonant.
  • It normally makes two sounds, more like an s in words such as xylophone, or a k in words such as x-ray and fox.
  • The letter is more common in the middle of and at the end of words than in the beginning, such as in next, annex, outfox, and apex.
  • The letter X was also formed from the Greek letter upsilon by the Romans.

The following are a couple of examples of words starting with X.


Animals that start with X

  • Xenosaurus: slender-bodied Mexican lizards having the upper surface covered with tiny granules and tubercles
    • Xenosaurus seems like a big scary name for a small lizard. 
  • Xenopus: an African clawed frog; in some classifications made the type genus of a separate family Xenopodidae
    • The xenophus’s head looked more like a lizard. 

Places that start with X

  • Xizang: an autonomous region of the Peoples Republic of China; located in the Himalayas
    • Xizang is another name for Tibet. 
  • Xebec: A small, three-masted Mediterranean transport ship
    • The xebec was not large enough for my entire family. 

Words that describe people

  • Xenophobic: suffering from xenophobia; having abnormal fear or hatred of the strange or foreign
    • Most people who are xenophobic have never been around people from different places of the world.
  • Xenial: Hospitable, especially to visiting strangers or foreigners.
    • The xenial couple lead the tourists around the small town. 

Words that describe a place/event

  • Xanthous: something resembling a yellow-brown color; yolk-colored.
    • The xanthous building stood out agaisnt all the blue houses. 
  • Xyloid: Characteristic of wood; woody
    • The xyloid barn was home for the chickens and cows.
  • Xeric: being deficient in moisture
    • The flowers would never survive in the hot, xeric garden. 

Longest words that start with X

Long words - X

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