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Words that Start with A

This section will provide you with more information on the words that start with A.

Interesting notes about the letter A:

  • The letter A is one of the few letter in the alphabet that is also a word by itself.
  • It is the first letter and also the first vowel listed in the alphabet.
  • It makes three distinct sounds – long \ ā \ (day) and short \ ə \ (about), \ a \ (pan).
  • It was originally a bull’s head as used by the Phoenicians around 500 B.C. and made a throaty sound before a stop.
  • The Greeks then came along around 9 B.C. and changed it to a vowel, calling it Alpha, after which the Romans used it as an A.

The following are a couple of examples of words starting with A.


Animals that start with A

  • Aardvark: large animal from Africa with a long nose; eats ants and other insects.
    • The aardvark pushed its nose into the ant hill to get the ants
  • Abalone: any of various large edible marine sea snails or gastropods.
    • The abalone farm has some really great snails!
  • Albatross: large web-footed birds of the southern hemisphere having long narrow wings; noted for powerful flight.
    • The albatross was flying around the sails of the ship.

Places that start with A

  • Airport: place where aircraft land and take off with buildings for passengers to wait. It is a compound word that originates from air and port; first used in 1902. It is pronounced \ˈer-ˌpȯrt\.
    • We like to visit the airport and watch the planes land and take off.
  • Auditorium: room or building where people gather to hear an event.
    • The whole eighth grade sat in the auditorium to listen to the principal.
  • Abbey: A church associated with a monastery or convent
    • We visited a the beautify Shrewsbury Abbey in England.

Words that describe people

  • Amiable: friendly, nice, pleasant. It was first used in the 14th century. Ami generally means friend or love, and able means to be capable of.
    • The girl was amiable toward everyone, even those she did not know.
  • Able: having inherent physical or mental ability or capacity.
    • This runner has an able body for very long marathons
  • Absurd: inconsistent with reason or logic or common sense
    • His logic was absurd and made us lose interest in his argument

Words that describe an idea

  • Awesome: extremely good; a wondrous feeling. The word the word is a compound word consisting of awe and some – some awe (wonder). It was first used in 1562.
    • Writing our names on badges is an awesome way to learn names.
  • Acceptable: meeting requirements.
    • Her idea about having a pool party during summer was acceptable

Words that describe a place/event

  • Amber: having an orange-yellow color. The word originates from Middle English, Anglo-French, Medieval Latin, and Arabic; first used in 14th century.
    • The room was painted a nice amber with brown wood trim.
  • Acclivitous: Sloping upward.
    • The concert was in a very acclivitous park which made it difficult for the audience
  • Achromous: having no color.
    • The restaurant was not fun due to it’s achromous’ surrounding.

Longest words that start with A

Long-words-that start-with-A


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