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Words that End in M

The letter M is commonly used in the beginning, middle, and end of words. So, if you are playing a word game, it would be really useful to know words that end in M. Below there are some examples of animals, places, and adjectives ending in M.

Animals that end in M

  • Earthworm: terrestrial worm that burrows into and helps aerate soil; often surfaces when the ground is cool or wet; used as bait by anglers
    • Since mom is too scared to touch earthworms, I move them to her garden.
  • Opossum: Nocturnal arboreal marsupial having a naked prehensile tail found from southern North America to northern South America
    • I was scared we would hit the oppossum as it dashed across the street. 
  • Bream: any of numerous marine percoid fishes especially (but not exclusively) of the family Sparidae
    • The large bream was so round, it seemed to form a circle. 

Places that end in M

  • Kingdom: the domain ruled by a king or queen
    • The king and queen were very happy to finally present the new princess to the kingdom. 
  • Slum: a district of a city marked by poverty and inferior living conditions
    • The buildings in the slum were shabby, dirty, and infested with rats. 
  • Vacuum: an empty area or space
    • Although the craft was going through a vacuum, it seemed as if it wasn’t moving.

Words that describe people

  • Prim: refined; precise; very neat or nice.
    • Everyone loved the prim and demure schoolteacher. 
  • Firm: not soft or yielding to pressure
    • On the other hand, the kids were intimidated by the firm headmaster. 
  • Calm: not agitated; without losing self-possession
    • It was crucial for the referees to remain calm when fights broke out on the field.  

Words that describe an idea

  • Elysium: blissful; euphoric
    • The idea of taking a vacation on a cruise was an elysium. 
  • Random: lacking any definite plan or order or purpose; governed by or depending on chance
    • Out of all her random and crazy ideas, this one might just work!
  • Grim:  filled with melancholy and despondency
    • Burying the goldfish seemed like a grim but worthy idea. 

Words that describe a place/event

  • Antebellum: belonging to a period before a war especially the American Civil War
    • The antebellum plantation house would make a great historical museum. 
  • Glam: glamorous
    • The glam award ceremony required everyone to wear their fanciest clothes. 
  • Agleam: bright with a steady but subdued shining
    • The city skuline was agleam from all the countless windows in the skyscrapers. 

Longest words that end with M

Longest words ending in M

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