(noun, verb)


1. a mixer incorporating a coil of wires; used for whipping eggs or cream

Definition categories: man–made, mixer

2. a small short-handled broom used to brush clothes

Definition categories: man–made, broom

Sentences with whisk as a noun:

- With a quick whisk, she swept the cat from the pantry with her broom.

- He used a whisk to whip up a light and airy souffle.

- Peter dipped the whisk in lather and applied it to his face, so he could start shaving.

- I used a whisk to sweep the counter, then a push-broom for the floor.


1. move somewhere quickly

- The President was whisked away in his limo

Definition categories: motion, bring, convey, take

2. move quickly and nimbly

- He whisked into the house

Definition categories: motion, go, locomote, move, travel

3. brush or wipe off lightly

Definition categories: contact, wipe

4. whip with or as if with a wire whisk

- whisk the eggs

Similar word(s): whip

Definition categories: contact, beat, scramble

Sentences with whisk as a verb:

- Vernon whisked the sawdust from his workbench.

- The chef prepared to whisk the egg whites for the angel's food cake.

- The governess whisked the children from the room before they could see their presents.

- The children whisked down the road to the fair, laughing and chattering as they went.