(noun, adjective, verb, interjection)


1. giving pleasure or satisfaction or received with pleasure or freely granted

- a welcome relief

- a welcome guest

- made the children feel welcome

Similar word(s): wanted

Sentences with welcome as an adjective:

- a welcome visitor

- a welcome present;  welcome news

- You are welcome to the use of my library.


1. Greeting given upon someone's arrival.


1. the state of being welcome

- don't outstay your welcome

Definition categories: state, acceptance

2. a greeting or reception

- the proposal got a warm welcome

Definition categories: communication, greeting, salutation

Sentences with welcome as a noun:

- We entered the house and found a ready welcome.


1. accept gladly

- I welcome your proposals

Definition categories: possession, accept, have, take

2. bid welcome to; greet upon arrival

Similar word(s): receive

Definition categories: communication, greet, recognise, recognize

3. receive someone, as into one's house

Definition categories: contact, invite, receive

Sentences with welcome as a verb:

- We welcome suggestions for improvement.