(noun, verb)


1. literature in metrical form

Similar word(s): poesy, poetry

Definition categories: communication, genre

2. a piece of poetry

Similar word(s): rhyme

Definition categories: communication, poem

3. a line of metrical text

Definition categories: communication, line

Sentences with verse as a noun:

- Restoration literature is well known for its carefully constructed verse.

- The restrictions of verse have been steadily relaxed over time.

- Note the shift in tone between the first verse and the second.


1. compose verses or put into verse

Similar word(s): poetise, poetize, versify

Definition categories: creation, compose, indite, pen, write

2. familiarize through thorough study or experience

- She versed herself in Roman archeology

Definition categories: communication, acquaint, familiarise, familiarize

Sentences with verse as a verb:

- He versed us in the finer points of category theory.

- Verse him, G!