1. having no beneficial use or incapable of functioning usefully

- a kitchen full of useless gadgets

- she is useless in an emergency

Similar word(s): ineffective, ineffectual, uneffective, unprofitable, unserviceable, futile, ineffectual, meaningless, otiose, unavailing, inutile, unserviceable, unusable, unuseable

Sentences with useless as an adjective:

- This fork has prongs that are bent. It's useless now.

- I think it's useless to keep this discussion going. It's like talking to a wall.

- I tried my best to make him quit smoking, but my efforts were useless. He now smokes six packs a day.

- Bill never mows the lawn, takes out the trash or anything. He's useless, but I love him anyways.

- My brother is useless at most computer games, but he is an awesome PS2 player.

- Why do you keep trying? You're obviously useless at it.