1. marked by continuous or uninterrupted extension in space or time or sequence

- cars in an unbroken procession

- the unbroken quiet of the afternoon

Similar word(s): solid, uninterrupted, continuous, uninterrupted

2. not subdued or trained for service or use

- unbroken colts

Similar word(s): untamed, wild

3. (of farmland) not plowed

- unbroken land

Similar word(s): fallow, untilled, unploughed, unplowed

4. (especially of promises or contracts) not violated or disregarded

- unbroken promises

Similar word(s): kept

5. not broken; whole and intact; in one piece

- fortunately the other lens is unbroken

Similar word(s): undamaged, uninjured, perfect, sound

Sentences with unbroken as an adjective:

- After the vase had fallen down the flight of stairs we were amazed to find it still unbroken.

- There is something majestic about the spirit of an unbroken mustang as it runs wild across the prairie.

- The team's unbroken winning streak was a record.