(noun, adjective, verb)


1. (poker slang) Of or relating to trips.


1. a journey for some purpose (usually including the return)

- he took a trip to the shopping center

Definition categories: act, journey, journeying

2. a hallucinatory experience induced by drugs

- an acid trip

Definition categories: state, hallucination

3. an accidental misstep threatening (or causing) a fall

Similar word(s): slip

Definition categories: event, misadventure, mischance, mishap

4. an exciting or stimulating experience

Definition categories: event, experience

5. a catch mechanism that acts as a switch

- the pressure activates the tripper and releases the water

Similar word(s): tripper

Definition categories: man–made, catch, stop

6. a light or nimble tread

- he heard the trip of women's feet overhead

Definition categories: act, step

7. an unintentional but embarrassing blunder

- he recited the whole poem without a single trip

- he arranged his robes to avoid a trip-up later

Similar word(s): misstep, stumble

Definition categories: act, bloomer, blooper, blunder, botch, bungle, flub, pratfall

Sentences with trip as a noun:

- We made a trip to the beach.

- He was injured due to a trip down the stairs.

- He had a strange trip after taking LSD.

- ego trip;

- It's dark because the trip operated.

- trip the light fantastic W


1. miss a step and fall or nearly fall

Similar word(s): stumble

Definition categories: motion, move

2. cause to stumble

- The questions on the test tripped him up

Definition categories: motion

3. make a trip for pleasure

Similar word(s): jaunt, travel

Definition categories: motion

4. put in motion or move to act

Similar word(s): activate, actuate, spark, trigger

Definition categories: creation, initiate, pioneer

5. get high, stoned, or drugged

- He trips every weekend

Definition categories: consumption

Sentences with trip as a verb:

- Be careful not to trip on the tree roots.

- A pedestrian was able to trip the burglar as he was running away.

- When we get into the factory, trip the lights.

- The alarm system tripped, throwing everyone into a panic.

- After taking the LSD, I started tripping about fairies and colors.

- Last summer we tripped to the coast.