(noun, adjective)


1. disclosing unintentionally something concealed

- a telling smile

- a telltale panel of lights

- a telltale patch of oil on the water marked where the boat went down

Similar word(s): informative, informatory, revealing, telling

Sentences with telltale as an adjective:

- His eye was blinking, a telltale signal that he was lying.

- He blushed when he approached, a telltale sign that he was happy to see him.


1. someone who gossips indiscreetly

Similar word(s): blabbermouth, talebearer, taleteller, tattler, tattletale

Definition categories: person, gossip, gossiper, gossipmonger, newsmonger, rumormonger

Sentences with telltale as a noun:

- The telltale was the lipstick on his shirt collar.