1. an idea that is suggested

- the picnic was her suggestion

Definition categories: thought, idea

2. a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection

- it was a suggestion we couldn't refuse

Similar word(s): proffer, proposition

Definition categories: communication, proposal

3. a just detectable amount

Similar word(s): hint, tint, trace

Definition categories: quantity

4. persuasion formulated as a suggestion

Similar word(s): prompting

Definition categories: communication, persuasion, suasion

5. the sequential mental process in which one thought leads to another by association

Definition categories: thought

6. the act of inducing hypnosis

Similar word(s): hypnotism, mesmerism

Definition categories: act, influence

Sentences with suggestion as a noun:

- I have a small suggestion for fixing this: try lifting the left side up a bit.

- Traffic signs seem to be more of a suggestion than an order.

- Suggestion often works better than explicit demand.

- He's somehow picked up the suggestion that I like peanuts.