(adjective, adverb, pronoun, determiner)


1. of so extreme a degree or extent

- such weeping

- such a help

- such grief

Similar word(s): much


1. to so extreme a degree

- he is such a baby

- Such rich people!


1. (demonstrative) Like this, that, these, those; used to make a comparison with something implied by context.

- I’ve never seen such clouds in the sky before.  Such is life.

2. (particularly used in formal documents) Any.

- the above address or at such other address as may notify

3. Used as an intensifier; roughly equivalent to very much of.

- The party was such a bore.

4. (obsolete) A certain; representing the object as already particularized in terms which are not mentioned.


1. A person, a thing, people, or things like the one or ones already mentioned.