(noun, verb, interjection)


1. A common imperative instructing the addressed to remain silent.


1. the state of being silent (as when no one is speaking)

- there was a shocked silence

- he gestured for silence

Definition categories: state, condition, status

2. the absence of sound

- he needed silence in order to sleep

Similar word(s): quiet

Definition categories: attribute

3. a refusal to speak when expected

- his silence about my contribution was surprising

Similar word(s): muteness

Definition categories: attribute, uncommunicativeness

4. the trait of keeping things secret

Similar word(s): secrecy, secretiveness

Definition categories: attribute, uncommunicativeness

Sentences with silence as a noun:

- When the motor stopped, the silence was almost deafening.

- "You have the right to silence," said the police officer.

- During silence a message came to me that there was that of God in every person.


1. cause to be quiet or not talk

- Please silence the children in the church!

Similar word(s): hush, quieten, still

Definition categories: change, conquer, subdue, suppress

2. keep from expression, for example by threats or pressure

- All dissenters were silenced when the dictator assumed power

Definition categories: change, conquer, subdue, suppress

Sentences with silence as a verb:

- Can you silence the crowd, so we can start the show?

- Silence the critics.

- Silence the doubters.