(noun, verb, interjection)


1. An expression of fatigue, exhaustion, grief, sorrow, frustration, or the like, often used in casual written contexts.

- Sigh, I'm so bored at work today.


1. an utterance made by exhaling audibly

Similar word(s): suspiration

Definition categories: communication, utterance, vocalization

2. a sound like a person sighing

- she heard the sigh of the wind in the trees

Definition categories: event, sound


1. heave or utter a sigh; breathe deeply and heavily

- She sighed sadly

Similar word(s): suspire

Definition categories: body, breathe, respire, suspire

2. utter with a sigh

Definition categories: communication, emit, utter

Sentences with sigh as a verb:

- When she saw it wasn't damaged, she sighed with relief.

- He sighed. It was going to be a long night.

- He sighed over the lost opportunity.

- He silently sighed for his lost youth.

- She sighed a sigh that was nearly a groan.

- sigh a note and sing a note

- "I guess I have no choice," she sighed.

- She sighed her frustrations.