(noun, verb)


1. a line that marks the side boundary of a playing field

Definition categories: location, line

2. an auxiliary line of merchandise

Definition categories: man–made, line

3. an auxiliary activity

Similar word(s): avocation, hobby, pursuit

Definition categories: act, interest, pastime, pursuit

Sentences with sideline as a noun:

- the yellow sideline of the road

- The coach stood on the sidelines and bellowed commands at the team.

- She installed the whole fixture while he simply watched from the sidelines.

- She started the business as a sideline to her regular work and it ended up becoming the greater source of income.

- Soup need not be just a sideline to a meal; if you like, it can be the main course.


1. remove from the center of activity or attention; place into an inferior position

- The outspoken cabinet member was sidelined by the President

Definition categories: social, break, bump, demote, relegate

Sentences with sideline as a verb:

- The coach sidelined the player until he regained his strength.

- The illness sidelined him for weeks.