(noun, adjective, verb)


1. lacking physical depth; not extending far downward.

- shallow water

- a shallow dish

- a shallow cut

Similar word(s): fordable, neritic, superficial, reefy, shelfy, shelvy, shoaly

2. not deep or strong; not affecting one deeply

- shallow breathing

- a night of shallow fretful sleep

- in a shallow trance

Similar word(s): light, wakeful

3. lacking depth of intellect or knowledge; concerned only with superficial matters

- shallow people

- his arguments seemed shallow and tedious

Similar word(s): superficial

4. lacking interest or substance.

- I left after watching 5 minutes of this shallow movie

Sentences with shallow as an adjective:

- This crater is relatively shallow.

- Saute the onions in a shallow pan.

- The water is shallow here.

- It was a glamorous but shallow lifestyle.

- The acting is good, but the characters are shallow.

- shallow learning


1. a stretch of shallow water

Similar word(s): shoal

Definition categories: object, water

Sentences with shallow as a noun:

- The ship ran aground in an unexpected shallow.


1. make shallow

- The silt shallowed the canal

Similar word(s): shoal

Definition categories: change, alter, modify

2. become shallow

- the lake shallowed over time

Similar word(s): shoal

Definition categories: change