(noun, adjective, verb, preposition)


1. bringing about salvation or redemption from sin

- saving faith

Similar word(s): good, redeeming, redemptive

2. thrifty; frugal.

- wealthy by inheritance but saving by constitution

Similar word(s): thrifty

3. relating to making a saving: e.g. labour-saving, energy-saving light bulbs.

Sentences with saving as an adjective:

- a saving cook

- a saving bargain

- The ship has made a saving voyage.

- a saving clause


1. an act of economizing; reduction in cost

- there was a saving of 50 cents

Similar word(s): economy

Definition categories: act, action

2. recovery or preservation from loss or danger

- a surgeon's job is the saving of lives

Similar word(s): deliverance, delivery, rescue

Definition categories: act, recovery, retrieval

3. the activity of protecting something from loss or danger

Similar word(s): preservation

Definition categories: act, protection

Sentences with saving as a noun:

- The shift of the supplier gave us a saving of 10 percent.

- I invested all my savings in gold.

- The collapse of Enron wiped out the life savings of many people, leaving them poor in their retirement.


1. With the exception of; except; save.

2. Without disrespect to.


1. present participle of save