(noun, adjective)


1. free from danger or the risk of harm

- a safe trip

- you will be safe here

- a safe place

Similar word(s): harmless, uninjured, riskless, unhazardous, unhurt, secure, invulnerable

2. (of an undertaking) secure from risk

Similar word(s): unadventurous

3. (baseball) having reached a base without being put out

- the runner was called safe when the baseman dropped the ball

4. financially safe

Similar word(s): sound, dependable, good, secure

Sentences with safe as an adjective:

- You’ll be safe here.

- It’s safe to eat this.

- We have to find a safe spot, where we can hide out until this is over.

- The pitcher attempted to pick off the runner at first, but he was safe.

- The documents are safe.

- dishwasher safe;


1. strongbox where valuables can be safely kept

Definition categories: man–made, strongbox

2. a ventilated or refrigerated cupboard for securing provisions from pests

Definition categories: man–made, closet, cupboard

3. contraceptive device consisting of a sheath of thin rubber or latex that is worn over the penis during intercourse

Similar word(s): condom, prophylactic, rubber, safety

Definition categories: man–made, contraceptive, preventative, preventive