(noun, adjective, verb)


1. deviating from what is considered moral or right or proper or good

- the reprobate conduct of a gambling aristocrat

Similar word(s): corrupt, depraved, perverse, perverted

Sentences with reprobate as an adjective:

- The reprobate criminal sneered at me.


1. a person without moral scruples

Similar word(s): miscreant

Definition categories: person, offender, wrongdoer


1. reject (documents) as invalid

Definition categories: cognition, reject

2. abandon to eternal damnation

- God reprobated the unrepenting sinner

Definition categories: communication, condemn, doom, sentence

3. express strong disapproval of

- These ideas were reprobated

Similar word(s): condemn, decry, excoriate, objurgate

Definition categories: communication, denounce