(noun, adjective, adverb)


1. (used especially of commodities) being unprocessed or manufactured using only simple or minimal processes

- raw wool

- raw sugar

Similar word(s): unprocessed, natural, rude

2. having the surface exposed and painful

- a raw wound

Similar word(s): injured

3. not treated with heat to prepare it for eating

Similar word(s): underdone, rare, uncooked, untoasted

4. not processed or refined

- raw sewage

Similar word(s): untreated

5. devoid of elaboration or diminution or concealment; bare and pure

- raw fury

- you may scare someone someday with your raw power

Similar word(s): open, overt, naked

6. brutally unfair or harsh

- received raw treatment from his friends

- a raw deal

Similar word(s): unfair, unjust

7. not processed or subjected to analysis

- raw data

- the raw cost of production

Similar word(s): unanalyzed, crude

8. untempered and unrefined

- raw talent

- raw beauty

Similar word(s): unpolished

9. hurting

Similar word(s): painful, sensitive, sore, tender

10. unpleasantly cold and damp

Similar word(s): cold, bleak, cutting

11. used of wood and furniture

- raw wood

Similar word(s): unfinished, unsanded

12. lacking training or experience

- raw recruits

Similar word(s): inexperienced, inexperient, new

13. (used informally) completely unclothed

Similar word(s): unclothed, peeled

Sentences with raw as an adjective:

- raw cane sugar

- a raw beginner

- a raw voice

- a raw wind


1. (slang) Without a condom.

- We did it raw.


1. informal terms for nakedness

- in the raw

Similar word(s): altogether

Definition categories: state, nakedness, nudeness, nudity