(noun, adjective, verb)


1. (colour) Of the color peach.

2. Particularly pleasing or agreeable.


1. cultivated in temperate regions

Definition categories: plant

2. a very attractive or seductive looking woman

Similar word(s): beauty, dish, knockout, looker, lulu, mantrap, ravisher, smasher, stunner, sweetheart

Definition categories: person, woman

3. downy juicy fruit with sweet yellowish or whitish flesh

Definition categories: food, drupe

4. a shade of pink tinged with yellow

Similar word(s): apricot

Definition categories: attribute, pink

Sentences with peach as a noun:

- peach colour:


1. divulge confidential information or secrets

Similar word(s): babble, blab, sing, talk, tattle

Definition categories: communication, break, disclose, discover, divulge, expose, reveal, uncover, unwrap