(adjective, adverb)


1. with little or no preparation or forethought

- offhand excuses

- trying to sound offhanded and reassuring

- an off-the-cuff toast

Similar word(s): unprepared, extemporaneous, extemporary, extempore, impromptu, offhanded, unrehearsed

2. casually thoughtless or inconsiderate

- an offhand manner

- she treated most men with offhand contempt

Similar word(s): careless, offhanded

Sentences with offhand as an adjective:

- She gave an offhand speech.

- He doesn't realise how hurtful his offhand remarks can be.

- She was quite offhand with me yesterday.


1. without previous thought or preparation

- couldn't give the figures offhand

- we decided offhand to go to Canada

- she had made these remarks offhandedly

Similar word(s): offhanded, offhandedly

2. in a casually inconsiderate manner

- replied offhand, his mind a million miles away

- she threw him over offhandedly without even a Dear-John letter

Similar word(s): offhanded, offhandedly