(noun, verb)


1. an event that occurs at a critical time

- it was needed only on special occasions

Similar word(s): juncture

Definition categories: event, happening, occurrence, occurrent

2. a vaguely specified social event

- an occasion arranged to honor the president

Similar word(s): affair, function

Definition categories: event

3. reason

- there was no occasion for complaint

Definition categories: motive, ground, reason

4. the time of a particular event

- on the occasion of his 60th birthday

Definition categories: time

5. an opportunity to do something

- there was never an occasion for her to demonstrate her skill

Definition categories: state, chance, opportunity

Sentences with occasion as a noun:

- At this point, she seized the occasion to make her own observation.

- I had no occasion to feel offended, however.

- I could think of two separate occasions when she had deliberately lied to me.

- I have no occasion for firearms.

- Having people round for dinner was always quite an occasion at our house.


1. give occasion to

Definition categories: creation, cause, do, make

Sentences with occasion as a verb:

- it is seen that the mental changes are occasioned by a change of polarity