(noun, verb)


1. an announcement containing information about an event

- you didn't give me enough notice

- an obituary notice

- a notice of sale

Definition categories: communication, announcement, promulgation

2. the act of noticing or paying attention

- he escaped the notice of the police

Similar word(s): observance, observation

Definition categories: thought, attending, attention

3. a request for payment

Similar word(s): notification

Definition categories: communication, asking, request

4. advance notification (usually written) of the intention to withdraw from an arrangement of contract

- we received a notice to vacate the premises

- he gave notice two months before he moved

Definition categories: communication, apprisal, notification, telling

5. a sign posted in a public place as an advertisement

Similar word(s): bill, card, placard, poster, posting

Definition categories: communication, sign

6. polite or favorable attention

- his hard work soon attracted the teacher's notice

Definition categories: thought, attending, attention

7. a short critical review

- the play received good notices

Definition categories: communication, critique, review

Sentences with notice as a noun:

- He took no notice of the changes, and went on as though nothing had happened.

- Shall we post a notice about the new policy?

- I always read the death notices in the paper.

- The sidewalk adjacent to the damaged bridge stonework shall be closed until further notice.

- I gave her her mandatory two weeks' notice and sacked her.

- I can't work here any longer. I'm giving notice.

- I don't mind if you want to change the venue; just give me some notice first, OK?


1. discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of

Similar word(s): detect, discover, find, observe

Definition categories: perception, sight, spy

2. notice or perceive

Similar word(s): mark, note

Definition categories: perception

3. make or write a comment on

Similar word(s): comment, remark

Definition categories: communication, mention, note, observe, remark

4. express recognition of the presence or existence of, or acquaintance with

Similar word(s): acknowledge

Definition categories: communication, react, respond

Sentences with notice as a verb:

- Did you notice the flowers in her yard?

- I noticed that the dog hadn't barked the night of the murder.