(noun, verb)


1. a confused multitude of things

Similar word(s): clutter, fuddle, jumble, smother, welter

Definition categories: state, disorder, disorderliness

2. informal terms for a difficult situation

- he made a muddle of his marriage

Similar word(s): fix, hole, jam, mess, pickle

Definition categories: state, difficulty

Sentences with muddle as a noun:

- The muddle of nervous speech he uttered did not have much meaning.


1. make into a puddle

Similar word(s): puddle

Definition categories: contact, rile, roil

2. mix up or confuse

- He muddled the issues

Similar word(s): addle, puddle

Definition categories: cognition, confuse, jumble

Sentences with muddle as a verb:

- He muddled the mint sprigs in the bottom of the glass.