(noun, adjective, verb)


1. independent in behavior or thought

- maverick politicians

Similar word(s): unconventional, irregular, unorthodox

Sentences with maverick as an adjective:

- He made a maverick decision.

- He is a maverick person.


1. someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action

Similar word(s): rebel

Definition categories: person, nonconformist, recusant

2. an unbranded range animal (especially a stray calf); belongs to the first person who puts a brand on it

Definition categories: animal, calf

Sentences with maverick as a noun:

- Florence Nightingale would have been perceived as a maverick during her early career, because she was prioritizing hygiene when everybody else involved in healthcare was focused on other things, such as surgery and pills. (Source: Edzard Ernst and Simon Singh, Trick or Treatment, 2008, p. 36-37.)


1. (US) To take an unbranded range animal.