(noun, adjective)


1. at or constituting a border or edge

- the marginal strip of beach

Similar word(s): peripheral, fringy

2. of questionable or minimal quality

- marginal writing ability

Similar word(s): minimal, minimum, borderline

3. just barely adequate or within a lower limit

- a marginal victory

Similar word(s): narrow, bare

4. producing at a rate that barely covers costs

- marginal industries

Similar word(s): unprofitable

Sentences with marginal as an adjective:

- The marginal area at the edge of the salt-marsh has its own plants.

- In recent years there has been an increase in violence against marginal groups.

- There were more marginal notes than text.

- Monmouthshire is a Welsh county marginal to England.

- His writing ability was marginal at best.

- Having reviewed the test, there are two students below the required standard and three more who are marginal.

- He farmed his marginal land with difficulty.

- In Bristol West, Labour had a majority of only 1,000, so the seat is considered highly marginal this time around.


1. Something that is marginal.

2. A constituency won with a small margin.