(adjective, adverb)


1. showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity

- kindly criticism

- a kindly act

Similar word(s): kind, benevolent, charitable, openhearted, sympathetic

2. pleasant and agreeable

- a kindly climate

- kindly breeze

Similar word(s): benign, benignant

Sentences with kindly as an adjective:

- A kindly old man sits on the park bench every afternoon feeding pigeons.


1. in a kind manner or out of kindness

- He spoke kindly to the boy

- she kindly overlooked the mistake

Sentences with kindly as an adverb:

- He kindly offered to take us to the station in his car.

- I don't take kindly to threats.

- Aunt Daisy didn't take it kindly when we forgot her anniversary.