(noun, verb)


1. a metal pot for stewing or boiling; usually has a lid

Similar word(s): boiler

Definition categories: man–made, pot

2. the quantity a kettle will hold

Similar word(s): kettleful

Definition categories: quantity, containerful

3. (geology) a hollow (typically filled by a lake) that results from the melting of a mass of ice trapped in glacial deposits

Definition categories: object, hole, hollow

4. a large hemispherical brass or copper percussion instrument with a drumhead that can be tuned by adjusting the tension on it

Similar word(s): kettledrum, timpani, tympani, tympanum

Definition categories: man–made

Sentences with kettle as a noun:

- To cook pasta, you first need to put the kettle on.

- There's a hot kettle of soup on the stove.

- Stick the kettle on and we'll have a nice cup of tea.


1. (Britain, of the police) To contain demonstrators in a confined area.