1. give an injection to

- We injected the glucose into the patient's vein

Similar word(s): shoot

Definition categories: body, administer, dispense

2. to introduce (a new aspect or element)

- He injected new life into the performance

Definition categories: change, add

3. force or drive (a fluid or gas) into by piercing

- inject hydrogen into the balloon

Similar word(s): shoot

Definition categories: contact, enclose, inclose, insert, introduce

4. take by injection

- inject heroin

Definition categories: consumption, drug

5. feed intravenously

Definition categories: consumption, feed, give

6. to insert between other elements

Similar word(s): interject, interpose

Definition categories: communication, disrupt, interrupt

Sentences with inject as a verb:

- The nurse injected a painkilling drug into the veins of my forearm.

- Punk injected a much-needed sense of urgency into the British music scene.

- Now lie back while we inject you with the anesthetic.

- to inject the blood vessels

- It's been a week since I stopped injecting, and I'm still in withdrawal.