(noun, verb)


1. (folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous

Similar word(s): brownie, elf, gremlin, hob, pixie, pixy

Definition categories: person, faerie, faery, fairy, fay, sprite

2. one who is playfully mischievous

Similar word(s): monkey, rapscallion, rascal, scalawag, scallywag, scamp

Definition categories: person, child, fry, kid, minor, nestling, nipper, shaver, tiddler, tike, tyke, youngster


1. (obsolete) To plant or engraft.

2. (archaic) To graft, implant; to set or fix.

3. (falconry) To engraft feathers into a bird's wing.

- "For, if I imp my wing on Thine" – Herbert (1633)

4. To eke out, strengthen, enlarge.