(noun, verb)


1. a state of irritation or annoyance

Similar word(s): miff

Definition categories: state, annoyance, botheration, irritation, vexation

Sentences with huff as a noun:

- With a huff, he lifted the box onto the back of the truck.

- Freyja left in a huff.

- Lewd, shallow-brained huffs make atheism and contempt of religion the sole badge […] of wit. — South.


1. inhale recreational drugs

- the kids were huffing glue

Similar word(s): snort

Definition categories: consumption, inhale, inspire

2. blow hard and loudly

- he huffed and puffed as he made his way up the mountain

Similar word(s): chuff, puff

Definition categories: body, blow

Sentences with huff as a verb:

- The run left him huffing and puffing.

- Bread huffs.