(noun, verb)


1. a long loud emotional utterance

- he gave a howl of pain

- howls of laughter

- their howling had no effect

Similar word(s): howling, ululation

Definition categories: communication, utterance, vocalization

2. the long plaintive cry of a hound or a wolf

Definition categories: event, cry

3. a loud sustained noise resembling the cry of a hound

- the howl of the wind made him restless

Definition categories: event, noise


1. emit long loud cries

- howl with sorrow

Similar word(s): roar, ululate, wail, yaup, yawl

Definition categories: communication, call, cry, holler, hollo, scream, shout, squall, yell

2. cry loudly, as of animals

- The coyotes were howling in the desert

Similar word(s): wrawl, yammer, yowl

Definition categories: communication, emit, utter

3. make a loud noise, as of wind, water, or vehicles

- The wind was howling in the trees

Similar word(s): roar

Definition categories: communication, noise, resound

4. laugh unrestrainedly and heartily

Similar word(s): roar

Definition categories: body, laugh

Sentences with howl as a verb:

- to howl derision