1. having or covered with hair

- Jacob was a hairy man

- a hairy caterpillar

Similar word(s): canescent, hoary, comal, comate, comose, downy, puberulent, pubescent, sericeous, floccose, furlike, furred, furry, fuzzed, fuzzy, hispid, lanate, woolly, pappose, pilary, pilose, pilous, tomentose, tomentous, wiry, wooly, haired, hirsute

2. hazardous and frightening

- hairy moments in the mountains

Similar word(s): alarming

Sentences with hairy as an adjective:

- a hairy man

- hairy mammoth

- She is a great admirer of hairy chests.

- It’s a hairy problem, and will probably take several weeks to sort out.