(noun, verb)


1. one who works hard at boring tasks

Similar word(s): drudge, hacker

Definition categories: person

2. a politician who belongs to a small clique that controls a political party for private rather than public ends

Definition categories: person, pol, politician, politico

3. a mediocre and disdained writer

Definition categories: person, author, writer

4. a tool (as a hoe or pick or mattock) used for breaking up the surface of the soil

Definition categories: man–made, tool

5. a car driven by a person whose job is to take passengers where they want to go in exchange for money

Similar word(s): cab, taxi, taxicab

Definition categories: man–made, auto, automobile, car, machine, motorcar

6. an old or over-worked horse

Similar word(s): jade, nag, plug

Definition categories: animal, horse

7. a horse kept for hire

Definition categories: animal, horse

8. a saddle horse used for transportation rather than sport etc.

Definition categories: animal, mount

Sentences with hack as a noun:

- Putting your phone in a sandwich bag when you go to the beach is such a great hack.

- He took a few hacks, but the pitcher finally struck him out.


1. cut with a hacking tool

Similar word(s): chop

Definition categories: contact, cut

2. be able to manage or manage successfully

- I can't hack it anymore

Similar word(s): cut

Definition categories: social, contend, cope, deal, grapple, manage

3. cut away

- he hacked his way through the forest

Definition categories: contact, cut

4. kick on the arms

Definition categories: competition, foul

5. kick on the shins

Definition categories: competition, foul

6. fix a computer program piecemeal until it works

- I'm not very good at hacking but I'll give it my best

Definition categories: change, program, programme

7. significantly cut up a manuscript

Definition categories: change, edit, redact

8. cough spasmodically

- The patient with emphysema is hacking all day

Similar word(s): whoop

Definition categories: body, cough

Sentences with hack as a verb:

- They hacked the brush down and made their way through the jungle.

- This cold is awful. I can't stop hacking.

- Can you hack it out here with no electricity or running water?

- When I logged into the social network, I discovered I'd been hacked.

- He can hack like no one else and make the program work as expected.

- I hacked in a fix for this bug, but we'll still have to do a real fix later.

- I read up on cooking tips so I can hack my lunch.

- I'm currently hacking distributed garbage collection.

- He's going to the penalty box after hacking the defender in front of the goal.

- There's a scramble in front of the net as the forwards are hacking at the bouncing puck.

- He went to the batter's box hacking.