(noun, verb)


1. any thick, viscous matter

Similar word(s): goop, guck, gunk, muck, ooze, slime, sludge

Definition categories: substance, matter

Sentences with goo as a noun:

- I stepped in some goo and had a terrible time getting the sticky stuff off my shoes.

- When dad couldn't stand the goo anymore, he stopped Tommy's tearful goodbye from the Swedish au-pair Matts, firmly smacking the boys' pants and grumbling "Now stop the goo or I'll give each of you a reason to cry!"

- The infant's goos and gahs were endearing.


1. (transitive) To apply goo to something.

- They gooed their hair with some fragrant styling product.

2. (intransitive) To produce baby talk.

- The baby gooed while daddy made sappy faces at it.