(noun, verb)


1. the quality of being so overabundant that prices fall

Similar word(s): oversupply, surfeit

Definition categories: attribute, overabundance, overmuch, overmuchness, superabundance

Sentences with glut as a noun:

- a glut of the market


1. overeat or eat immodestly; make a pig of oneself

Similar word(s): binge, englut, engorge, gorge, gormandise, gormandize, gourmandize, ingurgitate, overeat, overgorge, overindulge, satiate, stuff

Definition categories: consumption, eat

2. supply with an excess of

- Glut the country with cheap imports from the Orient

Similar word(s): flood, oversupply

Definition categories: possession, furnish, provide, render, supply

Sentences with glut as a verb:

- to glut one's appetite