(noun, verb)


1. a state of partial or total darkness

- he struck a match to dispel the gloom

Similar word(s): somberness

Definition categories: state, semidarkness

2. a feeling of melancholy apprehension

Similar word(s): gloominess, somberness

Definition categories: feeling, apprehension, apprehensiveness, dread, melancholy

3. an atmosphere of depression and melancholy

- gloom pervaded the office

Similar word(s): gloominess, glumness

Definition categories: state, ambiance, ambience, atmosphere

Sentences with gloom as a noun:

- the gloom of a forest, or of midnight


1. (intransitive) To be dark or gloomy.

2. (intransitive) to look or feel sad, sullen or despondent.

3. (transitive) To render gloomy or dark; to obscure; to darken.

4. (transitive) To fill with gloom; to make sad, dismal, or sullen.

5. To shine or appear obscurely or imperfectly; to glimmer.