(noun, verb)


1. an appearance of reflected light

Similar word(s): gleaming, glow, lambency

Definition categories: attribute, effulgence, radiance, radiancy, refulgence, refulgency, shine

2. a flash of light (especially reflected light)

Similar word(s): gleaming, glimmer

Definition categories: event, flash

Sentences with gleam as a noun:

- The rescue workers preserved a gleam of optimism that they might still survive.


1. be shiny, as if wet

Similar word(s): glint, glisten, glitter, shine

Definition categories: perception, appear, look, seem

2. shine brightly, like a star or a light

Similar word(s): glimmer

Definition categories: perception, radiate

3. appear briefly

- A terrible thought gleamed in her mind

Definition categories: change, appear