(noun, verb)


1. an association of criminals

- police tried to break up the gang

Similar word(s): mob, pack, ring

Definition categories: group, association

2. an informal body of friends

Similar word(s): bunch, crew, crowd

Definition categories: group, assemblage, gathering

3. an organized group of workmen

Similar word(s): crew

Definition categories: group, unit

4. tool consisting of a combination of implements arranged to work together

Definition categories: man–made, tool

Sentences with gang as a noun:

- the Gashouse Gang

- The gang from our office is going out for drinks Friday night.

- a gang of sailors; a railroad gang.

- a youth gang; a neighborhood gang; motorcycle gang.

- the Winter Hill gang; the Gang of Four.

- Not all members of the Gang of Six are consistent in their opposition to filibuster.

- a gang of saws; a gang of plows.

- a new gang of stays.

- an outlet gang box; a double gang switch.

- a gang of wires

- Do a drop for the telephone gang, then another drop for the internet gang, both through the ceiling of the wiring closet.


1. act as an organized group

Definition categories: competition, aggroup, group

Sentences with gang as a verb:

- "Let's gang up on them."