1. the sound of a step of someone walking

- he heard footsteps on the porch

Similar word(s): footfall, step

Definition categories: event, sound

2. the act of taking a step in walking

Definition categories: act, step

3. the distance covered by a step

Similar word(s): pace, step, stride

Definition categories: quantity

Sentences with footstep as a noun:

- The child watched as his footsteps in the sand were washed away by the waves.

- To walk the footsteps of greatness requires that you start at the bottom of a long stair.

- The footsteps of the students echoed in the empty hall.

- The garden path had a small footstep down to the main walkway.

- Mere footsteps away from the victim lay the murder weapon.

- Take one more footstep towards me, and I'll make you sorry!