(noun, adjective)


1. characterized by action or forcefulness or force of personality

- a dynamic market

- a dynamic speaker

- the dynamic president of the firm

Similar word(s): changing, driving, impulsive, energising, energizing, kinetic, projectile, propellant, propellent, propelling, propulsive, slashing, energetic, dynamical

2. of or relating to dynamics

3. (used of verbs (e.g. `to run') and participial adjectives (e.g. `running' in `running water')) expressing action rather than a state of being

Similar word(s): active

Sentences with dynamic as an adjective:

- The environment is dynamic, changing with the years and the seasons.

- dynamic economy

- He was a dynamic and engaging speaker.

- The dynamic marking in bar 40 is forte.

- dynamic allocation

- dynamic IP addresses

- the dynamic resizing of an array


1. an efficient incentive

- they hoped it would act as a spiritual dynamic on all churches

Definition categories: motive, incentive, inducement, motivator

Sentences with dynamic as a noun:

- Watch the dynamic between the husband and wife when they disagree.

- The study of fluid dynamics quantifies turbulent and laminar flows.

- If you pay attention to the dynamics as you play, it's a very moving piece.