(noun, adjective)


1. progressing melodically by intervals larger than a major second

2. having deep constrictions separating head, thorax, and abdomen, as in insects

Similar word(s): divided

3. marked by separation of or from usually contiguous elements

- little isolated worlds, as abruptly disjunct and unexpected as a palm-shaded well in the Sahara

Similar word(s): separate, isolated

4. used of distributions, as of statistical or natural populations

- disjunct distribution of king crabs

Similar word(s): discontinuous, noncontinuous


1. (logic) One of multiple propositions, any of which, if true, confirm the validity of another proposition (a disjunction)

2. (linguistics) Any sentence element that is not fully integrated into the clausal structure of the sentence.

3. (linguistics) An adverbial that expresses the speaker's or writer's attitude towards, or descriptive statement of, the propositional content of the associated clause or sentence.