(noun, verb)


1. a loud harsh or strident noise

Similar word(s): blare, blaring, cacophony, clamor

Definition categories: event, noise

2. the act of making a noisy disturbance

Similar word(s): commotion, ruckus, ruction, rumpus, tumult

Definition categories: act, disturbance


1. make a resonant sound, like artillery

Similar word(s): boom

Definition categories: perception, go, sound

2. instill (into a person) by constant repetition

- he dinned the lessons into his students

Definition categories: cognition, inculcate, infuse, instill

Sentences with din as a verb:

- 2003, His mother had dinned The Whole Duty of Man into him in early childhood — Roy Porter, Flesh in the Age of Reason (Penguin 2004, page 183)