(noun, verb)


1. a feeling of extreme pleasure or satisfaction

- his delight to see her was obvious to all

Similar word(s): delectation

Definition categories: feeling, pleasance, pleasure

2. something or someone that provides a source of happiness

- the new car is a delight

Similar word(s): joy, pleasure

Definition categories: thought


1. give pleasure to or be pleasing to

Similar word(s): please

Definition categories: emotion, gratify, satisfy

2. take delight in

- he delights in his granddaughter

Similar word(s): enjoy, revel

Definition categories: consumption

3. hold spellbound

Similar word(s): enchant, enrapture, enthral, enthrall, ravish, transport

Definition categories: emotion, delight, please

Sentences with delight as a verb:

- A beautiful landscape delights the eye.