(adjective, verb)


1. carefully thought out in advance

- he made a deliberate decision not to respond negatively

Similar word(s): intended, calculated, measured

2. unhurried and with care and dignity

- with all deliberate speed

Similar word(s): unhurried, careful, measured

3. characterized by conscious design or purpose

- a deliberate attempt to provoke a response

Similar word(s): intended, intentional, knowing

Sentences with deliberate as an adjective:

- Tripping me was deliberate action.

- The jury took eight hours to come to its deliberate verdict.

- a deliberate opinion; a deliberate measure or result


1. think about carefully; weigh

Similar word(s): consider, debate, moot

Definition categories: communication, discuss

2. discuss the pros and cons of an issue

Similar word(s): debate

Definition categories: communication, discuss

Sentences with deliberate as a verb:

- It is now time for the jury to deliberate the guilt of the defendant.