(noun, verb)


1. the first light of day

- we got up before dawn

Similar word(s): aurora, cockcrow, dawning, daybreak, dayspring, morning, sunrise, sunup

Definition categories: time, hour

2. the earliest period

- the dawn of civilization

Similar word(s): morning

Definition categories: event, start

3. an opening time period

- it was the dawn of the Roman Empire

Definition categories: time, period

Sentences with dawn as a noun:

- She rose before dawn to meet the train.


1. become clear or enter one's consciousness or emotions

- It dawned on him that she had betrayed him

Similar word(s): click, penetrate

Definition categories: cognition

2. appear or develop

- The age of computers had dawned

Definition categories: stative, begin, start

3. become light

- It started to dawn, and we had to get up

Definition categories: change

Sentences with dawn as a verb:

- A new day dawns.

- I don’t want to be there when the truth dawns on him.