1. absence of light or illumination

Similar word(s): dark

Definition categories: state, illumination

2. an unilluminated area

- he moved off into the darkness

Similar word(s): dark, shadow

Definition categories: location, scene

3. absence of moral or spiritual values

- the powers of darkness

Similar word(s): dark, wickedness

Definition categories: state, condition, status

4. an unenlightened state

- he was in the dark concerning their intentions

- his lectures dispelled the darkness

Similar word(s): dark

Definition categories: thought

5. having a dark or somber color

Definition categories: attribute, value

6. a swarthy complexion

Similar word(s): duskiness, swarthiness

Definition categories: attribute, complexion

Sentences with darkness as a noun:

- The darkness of the room made it difficult to see.

- The darkness of her skin betrayed her Mediterranean heritage.