(noun, adjective)


1. (3D graphics) Having selectively removed surface elements of a three-dimensional model that make internal features visible, but without sacrificing the outer context entirely.

- 2004, While it used to take several seconds to generate a single cutaway view in a complex freeform model, you can now view them just about instantly by dynamically scrolling and rotating a plane forward and backward through an object. CADalyst, Jan 2004


1. a representation (drawing or model) of something in which the outside is omitted to reveal the inner parts

Definition categories: man–made, representation

2. a man's coat cut diagonally from the waist to the back of the knees

Definition categories: man–made, coat

Sentences with cutaway as a noun:

- 2004, Despite a pre-debate “memorandum of understanding” between the Bush campaign and the Kerry campaign that there would be no televised “cutaways” or reaction shots ... — The New Yorker, 18 Oct 2004